ARGOS: Automatic Regression for Governing Equations

An R package for the identification of dynamical systems.


ARGOS (Automatic Regression for Governing Equations) provides tools to perform system identification of both linear and nonlinear dynamical systems directly from data. Inspired by the research presented in the paper,“Automatically discovering ordinary differential equations from data with sparse regression”, this package automates the complex task of building mathematical models of dynamical systems using observed input and output signals.

Code for Research Article

For those interested in the original code accompanying the research article, it can be found at this GitHub repository.

Key Features


Modern research and industries demand accurate models of dynamical systems, yet building these models from raw data can be challenging. ARGOS streamlines this process, automating the identification of both linear and nonlinear systems. Whether dealing with discrete or continuous systems described by ordinary differential equations, this package provides the tools needed. By combining optimal numerical derivatives with formal variable selection procedures, ARGOS not only aids in the discovery of these systems but also empowers users to apply the resulting models to predict and understand the behaviors present in their data.

Getting Started

  1. Installation: Install the package as such: r install.packages("ARGOS").