AeroSampleR (version 0.2.0)

2022-11-15 Correct summing method for total activity in lognormal distributions of particles. Before: summed particle size^3 * density. After: sum particle size^3 * density * delta(particle size). Now includes factor of differential particle size.

AeroSampleR (version 0.1.15)

2022-08-22 Fix errors with tube_eff: L set to length_cm / 100 and efficiency for mid-range Re corrected to minimum for each particle size vs min of all particle sizes.

AeroSampleR (version 0.1.14)

2022-08-16 fixed documentation errors - knitting vignette, adding rd files for functions that were edited.

AeroSampleR (version 0.1.13)

2022-08-03 Added vignette.

AeroSampleR (version 0.1.12)

2021-12-02 Updated with running examples.

AeroSampleR (version 0.1.11)

2021-12-01 Preparing for initial release.