Using Cluster.OBeu with OpenCPU


This document describes the use of the functions implemented in Cluster.OBeu package in OpenCPU environment, after installing OpenCPU and Cluster.OBeu package on your OpenCPU server address(/ocpu/test).

How to use functions

 ../library/ {name of the library} /R/ {function}

OpenCPU and Cluster.OBeu


In this example we will use cl.analysis function that returns in a single call a json string or a list with the following components:

cl.analysis components
Component Description
cluster.method Label of the clustering algorithm Input data
data.pca Principal components
modelparam Clustering model specifications
compare Clustering measures

Select library and function

  1. Go to: yourserver/ocpu/test

  2. Copy and paste the following function to the endpoint

  1. Select Method: Post

Adding parameters parameters

Click add parameters every time you want to add a new parameters and values.

  1. Define the input data:

    • Param Name:
    • Param Value: e.g. sample_city_data
  2. Define the cluster algorithm parameter:

    • Param Name: cl.meth
    • Param Value: pam
  3. Define the cluster number parameter:

    • Param Name: clust.numb
    • Param Value: 3

For larger datasets you can specify likewise a specific clustering feature (cl_feature), the amounts and the aggregation if needed by defining cl_feature, amount, cl.aggregate parameters, see Cluster.OBeu reference manual for further details.

  1. Ready! Click on Ajax request!


  1. copy the /ocpu/tmp/{this_id_number}/R/.val (second on the right panel)

  2. finally, paste yourserver/ocpu/tmp/{this_id_number}/R/.val on a new tab.

Further Details