OralOpioids 2.0.3

*Fixed bug with latest dates

OralOpioids 2.0.2

*Fixed bug with json file location

OralOpioids 2.0.1

*Fixed bug with load_FDA_Opioid_Table() and load_HealthCanada_Opioid_Table()

OralOpioids 2.0.0

*Have added FDA Opioids and two new functions load_Opioid_Table and load_FDA_Opioid_Table to include US opioids as well.

OralOpioids 1.2.0

*Have added @aliases OralOpioids-package to OralOpioids.R

OralOpioids 1.1.0

OralOpioids 1.0.1

OralOpioids 1.0.0