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The goal of Rigma is to provide a user friendly client to ‘Figma’ API. It uses the latest httr2 for a more stable interface with the ‘Figma’ API. More than 20 methods are provided to interact with Figma files, and teams.


You can install the development version of ‘Rigma’ from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Getting started

An account can be accessed using an API by the owner of a personal access token just as if they were the user who created the token.

Make your own access token.

When you retrieve the personal access token save it as an environmental variable (e.g. edit .Renviron by typing usethis::edir_r_environ()).


After saving your changes restart R session.


Open ‘Figma’ and navigate to your favorite file. In the URL you can see the key of the file. To retrieve the File as an R object execute:

example_file_key <- "sFHgQh9dL6369o5wrZHmdR"

A tree of nodes is used to represent the ‘Figma’ file. Every file has a DOCUMENT node at the root, and any CANVAS nodes branch out of that node.