Introduction to Figma API

Getting started

An account in Figma can be accessed using the API and a personal access token.

Make your own access token:

When you retrieve the personal access token save it as an environmental variable (e.g. edit .Renviron by typing usethis::edir_r_environ()).


After saving your changes restart R session.


Open Figma and navigate to your favorite file. In the URL you can see the key of the file. To retrieve the File as an R object execute:

example_file_key <- "sFHgQh9dL6369o5wrZHmdR"

A tree of nodes is used to represent the Figma file. Every file has a DOCUMENT node at the root, and any CANVAS nodes branch out of that node. Various POST and GET methods are provided in this package to interact with a Figma files and teams.