The WoodSimulatR package has been developed in the project InnoGrading by Holzforschung Austria (https://www.holzforschung.at).

It provides tools for generating simulated sawn timber strength grading data.

The main focus is statistical simulation based on covariance matrices.

WoodSimulatR also contains pre-stored simulation data for Norway spruce (Picea abies) sawn timber from Austria and reference values of means and standard deviations of grade determining properties (GDPs) from literature for a number of European countries.


You can install the released version of WoodSimulatR from CRAN with:



The most important use cases are explained in the vignette woodsimulatr_basics which can be accessed by:

vignette('woodsimulatr_basics', package = 'WoodSimulatR')


The project InnoGrading was funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG; project nr. 869170).

The package WoodSimulatR was inspired by the work of Ranta-Maunus and Turk (2010).


Ranta-Maunus, Alpo, and Goran Turk. 2010. “Approach of Dynamic Production Settings for Machine Strength Grading.” In 11th World Conference on Timber Engineering 2010 (WCTE 2010), edited by A. Ceccotti and Jan-Willem G. van de Kuilen.