blsR 0.5.0

## New functionality * Managing the API key can now be done via the BLS_API_KEY environment variable. This can be done using a .Renviron file or manually by setting the key with the new bls_set_key function. Functions which previously required the argument api_key now default to the result of bls_set_key * get_n_series and all functions downstream of it now support automatic spanning of lists of series_ids longer than the API limit by breaking up the query into multiple API calls.

## Other Changes * Function arguments that previously defaulted to NA now default to NULL * Major refactor of documentation

## Bug Fixes * get_latest_observation’s argument was incorrectly named survey_id instead of series_id

blsR 0.4.0

blsR 0.3.2

blsR 0.3.1

blsR 0.3.0

blsR 0.2.1

blsR 0.2.0

blsR 0.1.0

Initial release