czso 0.4.1

czso 0.4.0

czso 0.3.12

czso 0.3.11

czso 0.3.10

czso 0.3.9

czso 0.3.8

czso 0.3.7

czso 0.3.6

czso 0.3.5

NOTE: there has been an unexpected change to the National Open Data Catalogue which caused problems with the dataset IDs returned by czso_get_catalogue(). This release provides a temporary fix based on a patch to the API kindly provided by the Czech Statistical Office.

Future releases will handle the change in a more robust way once the final form of the catalogue API is determined by the CZSO.

Fixes to code that is currently not used but may be again as the dust settles:

czso 0.3.4

czso 0.3.3

czso 0.3.2

czso 0.3.1

czso 0.3.0

New features


Bug fixes

Deprecations of functions with old names

czso 0.2.3

Fixes responding to CRAN feedback

Other changes

czso 0.2.2

Prep for CRAN

Bug fixes and minor improvements

czso 0.2.1

New function names and deprecations


czso 0.2.0

New features

czso 0.1.5


czso 0.1.4

czso 0.1.3

Deprecated functions

Bug fixes

czso 0.1.2

czso 0.1.1

czso 0.1.0