Gadget3: Globally applicable Area Disaggregated General Ecosystem Toolbox v3


Gadget3 is a framework for producing marine ecosystem models. Gadget3 creates a R or TMB objective function for you, that can then be optimised with standard tools such as nlminb().

Gadget3 is primarily designed to produce models matching the behaviour of gadget2, although implementing new modelling systems would be possible

This package is part of suite of tools, including:


gadget3 is available on CRAN:

> install.packages('gadget3')

You can also install the latest development version from github:

> remotes::install_github('gadget-framework/gadget3')


The gadget3 documentation is published online. To get started, read the introductory vignette, which walks through the process of building a model.

For some real-life examples of gadget3 models, look in the gadget-models repository:

Development of gadget3

Tests can be run with R CMD check. By default, tests are only run against the R backend for speed. To run against the TMB backend, set the G3_TEST_TMB environment variable, with:

  1. Sys.setenv(G3_TEST_TMB = 1) ; source('tests/test-action_grow.R')
  2. make, which runs both test & integration tests with G3_TEST_TMB

Releases are made with:

make release NEW_VERSION=0.9-0
git push --tags && git push

On success, upload the tarball to