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A R wrapper for Gas Infrastructure Europe’s (GIE) AGSI+ and ALSI+ transparency platform API

Collecting data on natural gas storages

Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) is an organisation that represents the vast majority of operators of natural gas storage units in Europe and some non-EU countries (such as the United Kingdom and Ukraine). They provide a REST API for their AGSI+ transparency platform to retrieve data on country level, operator level and facility level. Data include information on, e.g., the filling level, overall capacity, inflow or outflow. In order to use {gie}, you have to register for an API key on the AGSI+ website.

In spring of 2022, Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) provided a complete makeover of its API, introducing, among changes to parameters and endpoints, the use of pagination. This package provides easy-to-use functions to download small amounts of data or use pagination to download large amounts of (historical) data. Also, it includes a function to get metadata on operators and facilities across Europe and within each country.

Get the package from CRAN:


Install the development version via GitHub:



The function gie_listing() returns a nested list with all gas facilities available, including the EIC codes for companies and facilities (to do so, do not set the ‘region’ and ‘country’ parameter and ‘facilities’ to FALSE). Also, it is possible to get parsed results (as data.frame) for the region and country level. Setting the ‘facilities’ parameter to TRUE, the function returns all the available facilities within a country (including company and facility EIC codes for further use in the download functions gie_load() and gie_batchload()).

german_facilities <- gie::gie_listing(region = "Europe",
                                      country = "Germany",
                                      facilities = TRUE,
                                      apikey = apikey)

One main function for data download is called gie_load() and can be used to download data from AGSI+, either for one country, for one operator in a certain country or for a certain facility (see documentation for info on all parameters).

gasdata <- gie::gie_load(country = "de",
                         from = "2022-01-01",
                         to = "2022-03-31",
                         size = 50,
                         verbose = TRUE,
                         apikey = apikey)

The second download function gie_batchload() lets you download data for multiple countries, companies or facilities at once. Note, however, that as of yet, it is only possible to download a set of various companies for within one country; also, you can only download multiple facilities if the country and the company are fixed (due to the way the API is built).

companydata <- gie::gie_batchload(countries = c("DE", "IE", "NL"), 
                                  from = "2022-01-01",
                                  apikey = apikey)


If you encounter problems or if you have suggestions for improvement, let me know or, ideally, open an issue. Also, I am looking forward to pull requests.


This package has been developed independently of and is not in any way associated to GIE or the AGSI/ALSI+ transparency platform. Some parts of or calls to the API may exhibit unforeseen behaviour due to the API still being subject to changes. The hex sticker to this package has been generated with the use of OpenAI’s image generation.