version 1.0.0

Please note that there are breaking changes introduced in this major version release for the weather(), flow(), and incidents() functions. Be sure to review the updated documentation to understand how these changes may affect your usage.

version 0.9.1

version 0.9.0

version 0.8.2

version 0.8.1

version 0.8.0

version 0.7.1

version 0.7.0

version 0.6.1

version 0.6.0

version 0.5.2

version 0.5.1

version 0.5.0

version 0.4.1

version 0.4.0

version 0.3.3

version 0.3.2

version 0.3.1

version 0.3.0

version 0.2.1

version 0.2.0

version 0.1.0

First release of the hereR package, an sf-based interface to the HERE REST APIs. The packages binds to the following HERE APIs:

Locations and routes are returned as sf objects and tables as data.table objects.