kindisperse 0.10.1

Expanded the DispersalModel object & functions to include optional breeding_stage & visible_stage parameters to further define dispersal. Altered simulate_kindist_custom() & axials_standard() etc. functions to explicitly take into account new aspects of the dispersal model, especially -1 cycle numbers (which allow sampling before the ‘official’ beginning of a lifespan (often defined as first dispersal). Added cycle & override parameters to axials_standard & axpermute_standard functions. Altered simulation functions & KinPairSimulation object to pass a model to the simulation object. Added new tutorials to readme & vignettes for applying results to other species. Vastly improved documentation of almost all functions

kindisperse 0.10.0

Implemented the ‘DispersalModel’ class and ‘dispersal_model()’ constructor function to enable descriptions of non-mosquito breeding & dispersal cycles. Implemented the ‘simulate_kindist_custom()’ function to enable simulation of custom breeding, dispersal & sampling cycled defined by ‘DispersalModel’ objects. Implemented the ‘cycle’ parameter in the above model object & simulation functions as well as ‘axials_standard()’ and ‘axpermute_standard()’ functions to enable the treatment of individuals collected at different (phased) stages of maturity. Adjusted various class & function definitions to make compatible with custom dispersal model objects & simulations (e.g. KinPairData, KinPairSimulation, df_to_kinpair()) Added generics & methods for accessing DispersalModel class objects (& the ‘breeding_cycle’ method for the KinPairData class)

kindisperse 0.9.2

Changed all occurrences of the ‘gamma’ kernelshape/method parameter value to ‘vgamma’ to make it clear we are using a variance-gamma distribution, not a gamma distribution. (effects simulation functions) Removed unused dispersal kernels (simulation functions) Changed simulation shape parameter default from 1 to 0.5.

kindisperse 0.9.1

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