metagear package

purpose of the metagear package

metagear is a comprehensive, multifunctional toolbox with capabilities aimed to cover much of the research synthesis taxonomy: from applying a systematic review approach to objectively assemble and screen the literature, to extracting data from studies, and to finally summarize and analyze these data with the statistics of meta-analysis. More information about metagear can be found at

installation instructions and dependencies

metagear has an external dependency that needs to be installed and loaded prior to use in R. This is the EBImage R package (Pau et al. 2010) available only from the Bioconductor repository: To properly install metagear, start with the following R script that loads the Bioconductor resources needed to install the EBImage (also accept all dependencies):


This dependency sometimes results in CRAN failing to generate a binary of metagear for your OS – which sadly happens often. In this case install from the source, for example:

install.packages("metagear_0.7.tar.gz", repos = "", type = "source", dependencies = TRUE)

How to cite?

Lajeunesse, M.J. (2016) Facilitating systematic reviews, data extraction and meta-analysis with the metagear package for R. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7, 323−330. Download PDF here: