This is an R wrapper from the AWS Command Line Interface that provides methods to manage the user configuration on Amazon Web Service. You can create as many profiles as you want, manage them, and delete them. The profiles created with this tool work with all AWS products such as S3, Glacier, and EC2. It also provides a function to automatically install AWS CLI, but you can download it and install it manually if you prefer.


You can install the released version of raws.profile from CRAN with:


To upgrade to the latest version of raws.profile, run the following command and restart your r session:


Installing the AWS CLI

The AWS CLI is required for raws.profile work. You can install using the function below:


Creating your profiles

This is a basic example which shows you how to create your profiles:

# default user
create_profile(access_key = "my_access_key_1",
               secret_key = "123456789",
               region = "us-east-1")

# profile_name1
create_profile(profile = "profile_name1",
               access_key = "my_access_key_2",
               secret_key = "987654321",
               region = "us-west-1")

# profile_name2
create_profile(profile = "profile_name2",
               access_key = "my_access_key_3",
               secret_key = "12344321",
               region = "us-west-1")

# profile_name3
create_profile(profile = "profile_name3",
               access_key = "my_access_key_3",
               secret_key = "98766789",
               region = "us-east-1")

# profile_name4
create_profile(profile = "profile_name4",
               access_key = "my_access_key_4",
               secret_key = "192837465",
               region = "us-west-1")

# profile_name5
create_profile(profile = "profile_name5",
               access_key = "my_access_key_5",
               secret_key = "546372819",
               region = "us-east-1")

# show the profiles created

Deleting your profiles

You can delete one or more profiles using delete_profile().

# delete default profile

# delete one profile

# delete two profiles
delete_profile(c("profile_name2", "profile_name3"))

# show the profiles remained

Remove your credentials from the computer

For security, it is a good pratice to remove your credentials from your computer when you finish your work.

# remove all profiles saved

# show the profiles remained