rheroicons release history

rheroicons 1.0.0

This release has number of breaking changes as the Heroicons v2 introduced a new version of the icon library where many icons were renamed. Please see the Heroicons v2.0.0 release notes for more information.

rheroicons 0.4.0

rheroicons 0.3.2

rheroicons 0.3.1

This is a minor package update.

rheroicons 0.3.0

rheroicons 0.2.4

rheroicons 0.2.3

This is a minor package update. The main issue was the handling of error messages via the cli package. These changes are listed below.

rheroicons 0.2.21

rheroicons 0.2.2

rheroicons 0.2.1

rheroicons 0.2.0

rheroicons 0.1.6

rheroicons 0.1.5

rheroicons 0.1.4