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ROBustness using Blockmodel for Ecological network R package

Implementation of a variety of methods to compute the robustness of ecological interaction networks with binary interactions as described in Chabert-Liddell, Barbillon and Donnet (2022). In particular, using the Stochastic Block Model and its bipartite counterpart, the Latent Block Model to put a parametric model on the network, allows the comparison of the robustness of networks differing in species richness and number of interactions. It also deals with networks that are partially sampled and/or with missing values.


You can install the latest cran release of robber with:


or the development version of robber GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


Chabert-Liddell, S.-C., Barbillon, P., & Donnet, S. (2022). Impact of the mesoscale structure of a bipartite ecological interaction network on its robustness through a probabilistic modeling. Environmetrics, 33( 2), e2709.