Safestats: an R package for safe, anytime-valid inference.

Safestats is for designing and applying safe hypothesis tests. It can be used for designing hypothesis tests in the prospective or randomised controlled trial (RCT) setting, where the tests can be used under optional stopping and experiments often can be stopped early. The ‘pilot’ functions in the package also enable using the safe tests in the observational/ retrospective setting. For examples and explanation about which test to choose for which study setup, our vignette can be used (see below). The current version includes safe t-tests and tests of two proportions. The initial paper on the theory of safe testing and a worked-out example for the t-test can be found in this paper. More on the theory behind the development of the safe tests for proportions can be found here. ## Installation The development version can be found on GitHub, which can be installed with the devtools package from CRAN by entering in R:

{r devtools, eval=FALSE} devtools::install_github("AlexanderLyNL/safestats", build_vignettes = TRUE) Once a stable version is finished, you can install it from CRAN in R through:



Load the safestats package:


For an extensive overview of all functions and their usage, we recommend following the safestats vignette tutorial: