switchboard package for R

purpose of the switchboard

switchboard is a widget engine rendered in Tcl/Tk, a base-R GUI toolkit, for generating agile dashboards for iteration-based simulations in R. More information about switchboard can be found at http://lajeunesse.myweb.usf.edu.

example of dashboard & vignette (click on image)

video tutorial

A brief use and installation tutorial for switchboard can be watched on Youtube here: Youtube LajeunesseLab

How to cite?

Lajeunesse, M.J. (2021) switchboard: An Agile Widget Engine for Real-time, Dynamic Dashboards in R. R package version 0.1. https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=switchboard

Found a bug?

Please email me at lajeunesse@usf.edu with the subject header: “switchboard bug” and in the body please include switchboard’s version, your OS, and a short description of the issue. I will try to include fixes in following releases.