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This package has the most common functions used at IPEA.


The package is on CRAN, so to install it just the command:

```{r eval=FALSE} install.packages(“utilsIPEA”)

## Contributing 

To add new functions to this package, it is needed to create a new breach with the new code and submit a 
pull request to branch master. 

To create the new branch using git command line use the command:

```{r eval=FALSE}
git checkout -b name_of_new_branch

To do it on RStudio just click on Tools >> Shell. On the new opened window type the command above.

After adding the new code and tests commit the changes to the git repository and check on travis if it has been build correctly.

Now, the code is ready to be incorporated to master branch. To do so, a pull request has to be made to branch dev. The branch dev contains all code that is not released on CRAN.